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The Points System

Points are similar to currencies, however they exist purely as a way to keep track of something in a player. For example, lets say you want the player to have to used an item a certain amount of times in order to use another one - you would be able to keep track of this with a point.

You can have as many different points as you want, the plugins will keep track of them automatically. Points are shared between plugins, too - so if you make a point in EcoItems, then you can use it in EcoPets, EcoJobs, etc.

A point can hold any numeric value, including negatives and decimals, but of course how you decide to use them is completely up to you.


You can get the value of a point with the following placeholder:


Global Points

There are also global points, which belong to the server rather than to the player.

You can get the value of these with %libreforge_global_points_<point>%

Item Points

Item Points exist too - instead of belonging to the player or the server, they belong to items.

You can get the value of these with %libreforge_item_points_<point>%