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What is EcoEnchants?

EcoEnchants adds hundreds custom enchantments to your server, and lets you make your own without any coding knowledge. It's built from the ground up to integrate fully with vanilla to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for your players. It supports the Enchanting Table, Villager Trading, Anvils, Grindstones, and even natural spawning around the world in structures like End Cities. It feels exactly like a part of the vanilla game.

What sets EcoEnchants apart from other custom enchantment plugins?

There's a long list of reasons why, but chief among them is how the enchants are stored on the server and on items. Most other plugins don't have real enchantments, but instead just add lore lines onto the items. The reason why registering them with the server is so much better is that it supports every plugin right out of the box. Essentials and CMI immediately work with it, as do all my other plugins, and as does every other plugin that works with enchantments, whether or not the developers know it. This leads to an important general rule for EcoEnchants - if you can do it with vanilla enchantments, you can do it with EcoEnchants enchantments. Because the lore is completely separate from the enchantments, it means that you can change the name of any enchantment you want and it will instantly update on items without having to worry about breaking anything. It's fully translatable into any language of your choice.

On top of that, you can create your own custom enchantments with zero coding knowledge. Just make them as you want, to give your server the ultimate unique feel and customize everything to be absolutely perfect. And if you don't like creating them yourself, you can download community-made enchantments from the online config explorer

EcoEnchants is also completely open-source. Many other enchantment plugins have extremely poor code and tend to obfuscate their plugins and try to prevent you from actually owning the plugin, instead treating you like you're borrowing it from them, with license checkers and enterprise licenses that restrict your freedom to use things how you want. EcoEnchants will never have licenses, obfuscation, or anything like that. The source code is public and open, and you can find it on GitHub.

EcoEnchants also doesn't fill your server with random clutter that you don't want. It was built out of frustration at the state of the most popular plugins at the time, filled with meaningless features and built around 1.8 PvP servers - this leads to bad performance, a bad user experience, and a bad developer experience too. Because it's built to feel like an extension of vanilla rather than a whole new system with the same name, your players will immediately understand it.

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