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Commands and Permissions

/give and /enchant (Give a player an enchantment)

Because of how it's made, EcoEnchants doesn't need to have it's own commands for these. Why reinvent the wheel? Instead, it supports Essentials and CMI's /give and /enchant commands (as well as working in things like kits) - you don't have to do things the 'EcoEnchants way', just do it exactly like you already would.

/enchantinfo (Get information (description, max level, conflicts, etc) about an enchant)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.enchantinfo

/ecoenchants gui (View all enchantments that can be applied on any item)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.gui

/ecoenchants giverandombook (Give a player a random book)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.giverandombook

General Usage: /ecoenchants giverandombook <player> [type/rarity] [minimum level] [maximum level]

For example, to give someone a random special book between level 2 and 3, you would do /ecoenchants giverandombook %player% special 2 3

Enchantment Permissions

Want to make an enchantment only available through an enchanting table for certain players?

The permission to make an enchantment available from an enchanting table is this:


All enchantments are available by default, with all users having this permission by default: