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Commands and Permissions

/give (Give a player an item)

Because of how it's made, EcoEnchants doesn't need to have it's own commands for this. Why reinvent the wheel? Instead, it supports Essentials and CMI's /give command (as well as working in things like kits) - you don't have to do things the 'EcoEnchants way', just do it exactly like you already would.

/enchant (Give a player an enchant)

There is however an /enchant command because of bugs with some server implementations.

Permission: ecoenchants.command.enchant

Usage as a player: /enchant <enchant> <level>

Usage as console: /enchant <player> <enchant> <level>

/enchantinfo (Get information (description, max level, conflicts, etc) about an enchant)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.enchantinfo

/ecoenchants gui (View all enchantments that can be applied on any item)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.gui

/ecoenchants giverandombook (Give a player a random book)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.giverandombook

General Usage: /ecoenchants giverandombook <player> [type/rarity] [minimum level] [maximum level]

For example, to give someone a random special book between level 2 and 3, you would do /ecoenchants giverandombook %player% special 2 3

/ecoenchants import (Import an enchant from lrcdb)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.import

General Usage: /ecoenchants import <id>

Find enchants on lrcdb

/ecoenchants export (Export an enchant to lrcdb)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.export

General Usage: /ecoenchants export <id>

/ecoenchants toggledescriptions (Let players toggle enchantment descriptions)

Permission: ecoenchants.command.toggledescriptions

General Usage: /ecoenchants toggledescriptions

Let players decide whether they want to see enchantment descriptions or not. This command only works when enchantment descriptions are enabled in the config.

Enchantment Permissions

Want to make an enchantment only available through an enchanting table for certain players?

The permission to make an enchantment available from an enchanting table is this:


All enchantments are available by default, with all users having this permission by default: