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The Gameplay


What are types? Well, vanilla minecraft has 2 types: Normal, and Curse. However, EcoEnchants expands on this model to add more to the enchantment metagame.

You can create as many enchantment types as you want, but by default, EcoEnchants adds a third:

  • Normal Enchantments: These are very straightforward - most enchantments are like this, and they generally improve the item and make it stronger.

  • Curse Enchantments: These are the opposite of normal enchantments. They make the item worse and weaker.

  • Special Enchantments: These are the more powerful version of normal enchantments. They're very strong, and so by default you can only have one special enchantment on an item at a time. This forces players to specialize their items and focus them on a specific trait, which adds a whole new layer to the item metagame.


Rarity is mostly hidden from the player, and functions more as a way for you to choose how each enchantment can be obtained. A rarity consists of several values. The minimum xp level required to get the enchantment from an enchanting table - should they be level 1, level 15, level 30? Something else altogether? The percentage chance for the enchantment to be applied to an item every time it is enchanted above that minimum level, the percentage chance for a villager to spawn with a trade for that enchantment, and the percentage chance for an item in a loot chest to spawn with that enchantment. All values are completely configurable, and you can create, edit, and delete as many rarities as you want.

Check out rarity.yml here:


Means of obtaining

By default, all enchantments are available from Enchanting Tables, Villagers, and Loot Chests. This is completely configurable on a per-enchant basis.

Levels are calculated based on their cost. If you get an enchantment from 1 xp level or 1 emerald, it will probably be a level 1 enchantment. Of course, it is possible to get above this at a low cost but it is rare. This is designed to be as similar to vanilla as possible.

Loot chests will generally contain higher level enchantments. This is also designed to be like vanilla, where enchantments in, for example, and end city will have a relatively high level.

Some enchantment types (special by default) are set up with a bias to make it extremely, extremely rare for them to generate or be obtained higher than at level 1 or 2. Like everything else, you can change this.


Targets are the items that can be enchanted by any given enchantment. These are things like melee weapons, tools, armor pieces, elytra, fishing rods, etc. You can create your own targets (for example if you want diamond and netherite items to have exclusive enchantments) and edit and delete as many targets as you want.

Check out targets.yml here: