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How to make an enchant

Config Layout

Each enchantment has it's own config file. They are stored in /enchants/<id>.yml so for example Telekinesis would be stored in /enchants/telekinesis.yml

If you want to add or remove enchantments, just create or delete config files. These config files can be placed anywhere in the /enchants/ folder, including in subfolders.

Example Enchantment Config

display-name: "Example" # The name of the enchantment in-game
description: "Gives a &a%placeholder%%&8 bonus to damage" # The description of the enchantment
placeholder: "%level% * 20" # The placeholder to show in the enchantment description
type: normal # The enchantment type, from types.yml

targets: # The items that the enchantment can be applied to, see targets.yml
- sword
conflicts: # The enchantments that conflict with this
- sharpness
rarity: common # The rarity of the enchantment, see rarity.yml
max-level: 4 # The max level of the enchantment

tradeable: true # If the enchantment can be obtained from villagers
discoverable: true # If the enchantment can generate naturally in chests
enchantable: true # If the enchantment can be obtained from enchanting tables

# The effects of the enchantment (i.e. the functionality)
# See here:
# Use %level% as a placeholder for the enchantment level
- id: damage_multiplier
multiplier: 1 + 0.2 * %level%
- melee_attack

# The conditions required to use the enchantment,
# you can use %level% as a placeholder here too
conditions: [ ]