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What are Reforges?

Reforges are modifers that are applied to your item with the reforge menu! If you've ever played Hypixel Skyblock, the system is very similar. You just open the menu with /reforge (or set up an NPC to run /reforges open %player%) and you're sorted. It's a great addition to the item metagame on your server, and feels like a fluent addition to the base game.

Why this plugin?

Put simply, it's the single most powerful plugin to ever do anything similar to reforges. It's not just a pre-determined set of reforges that you're stuck with - the magic of Reforges is that you can create your own in config in seconds, with no coding knowledge at all. You can shape the plugin to fit your exact choices. It also supports making reforges to hook into your stats plugin of choice: with built-in integrations for EcoSkills, Aurelium Skills, or UltimateSkills. It even supports reforging Talismans (if you have it installed).

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