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Commands and Permissions

/reforge, /reforges open <player>

Permission to open for yourself: reforges.command.reforge

Permission to open for someone else:

/reforges give (Give a player a reforge stone)

Permission: reforges.command.give

General usage: /reforges give <player> <stone> [amount]

For example, to give a player 2 Lavish reforge stones: /reforges give <player> lavish 2

/reforges apply (Apply a reforge to a held item)

Permission: reforges.command.apply

General usage: /reforges apply <reforge> [player]

/reforges import (Import a reforge from lrcdb)

Permission: reforges.command.import

General Usage: /reforges import <id>

Find reforges on lrcdb

/reforges export (Export a reforge to lrcdb)

Permission: reforges.command.export

General Usage: /reforges export <id>