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The Gameplay

How to reforge an item

Step One: Open the GUI

Run /reforge or go to an NPC that runs /reforge open <player.

This will open this GUI:

The Reforge GUI

The reforge menu is very simple to understand:

The glass on the side goes green when there is a valid item that can be reforged in the left slot

The anvil will show helpful messages:

Example Anvil Message

The entire GUI is fully customizable and explained in config.yml

Step Two: Place an item in teh GUI

To reforge an item, put it on the left side of the GUI. The right side is for reforge stones, which will be explained in the next section.

A reforgable item in the GUI

The glass will then go green to indicate that a valid item has been entered.

By default, all reforgable items will say so in their lore:

A reforgable item

But you can turn this off if you don't like it.

If you try to place an unreforgable item in the gui, you will get this:

An unreforgable item in the GUI

Step Three: Click the anvil

By default, the price increases by a factor of 1.15x every time the same item is reforged. You can change this in config.yml.

Ready to reforge!

If you have enough money, the reforge will successfully happen and you will get a message in chat and a sound specified in config.yml

The reforged item

Congratulations! You've successfully reforged an item!

Reforge Stones

Reforge Stones give reforges that are unobtainable without them. They give some of the most useful and powerful reforges.

How to use

To use a reforge stone, place it in the right of the reforge menu:

Placing a reforge stone

Then, place the item that you want to reforge on the left side and click the anvil as normal!

Ready to apply the reforge stone

You can specify a custom price to apply the reforge in config