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Why EcoArmor?

What sets EcoArmor apart from other custom armor plugins?

Most importantly, EcoArmor isn't built for the sole purpose of PvP. Of course, you can use EcoArmor on a PvP-centric server, it will work perfectly - however it has a more generalized featureset. Perfect for Survival, MMORPG, Skyblock, Towny - anything you want, EcoArmor will work perfectly for. Empower your armor sets with better effects for all situations, make sets only work under certain conditions - bring a whole metagame to your armor.

Also - EcoArmor is completely customizable to anything you want. You can make your own Armor Sets and Upgrades in config, and with a little coding knowledge, create your own effects and conditions too. The sky's the limit!

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