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Commands and Permissions

/ecoarmor give (Give Items)

Permission: ecoarmor.command.give

Giving an armor piece

General command usage:

/ecoarmor give <player> set:<set> [piece] [advanced] [tier] [amount]

For example, if you want to give a player 2 osmium-tier advanced reaper boots, you would do:

/ecoarmor give <player> set:reaper boots true osmium 2

Or, if you want to give a player a full set of default young armor, you would do:

/ecoarmor give <player> set:young

Giving an Upgrade Crystal

/ecoarmor give <player> crystal:<tier> [amount]

Giving an Advancement Shard

/ecoarmor give <player> shard:<set> [amount]

/ecoarmor reload (Reload Config)

Permission: ecoarmor.command.reload

/ecoarmor import (Import an armor set from lrcdb)

Permission: ecoarmor.command.import

General Usage: /ecoarmor import <id>

Find armor sets on lrcdb

/ecoarmor export (Export an armor set to lrcdb)

Permission: ecoarmor.command.export

General Usage: /ecoarmor export <id>