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Custom Arguments

You can create custom effect arguments to reuse common logic between different effects. This is useful if you want to have more in-depth messages or add sounds to arguments to make them more immersive.

How to make a Custom Argument

Like Item Levels, Custom Arguments are each config files placed in the /plugins/libreforge/arguments/ folder, and you can add or remove them as you please.

There's an example config called _example.yml to help you out!


# The ID of the argument is the name of the .yml file, so for example
# named_mana.yml would have an ID of named_mana.

# Conditions to check if the argument is met
- id: above_magic
type: mana
amount: "%amount%"

# Effects to run if the condition is met
- id: give_magic
type: mana
amount: "- %amount%"
- id: send_message
message: "-%amount% %ecoskills_mana_name% &f(%reason%)"

# Effects to run if the condition is not met
if-not-met: [ ]

Using a Custom Argument

Custom arguments work just like regular arguments in your effect configs, but with a custom_ prefix. For example, if you have an argument called named_mana, you could use it like this:

amount: 10
reason: Instant Transmission

And then in your argument config, you can use %amount% and %reason% in the condition and effect configs to get their values.