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All Triggers

Triggered effects require a trigger, permanent effects do not support triggers and instead always apply when the effect is active

Triggered effects also produce a value, which is used in EcoPets for levelling.

IDDescriptionValue Provided
alt_clickTriggered when using Right Click on most items, Left Click on those that have a default right click functionality1
biteTriggered when a fish bites on your rod1
block_item_dropTriggered when a mined block drops loot1
bow_attackTriggered when shooting an entity with a bow and arrow (or crossbow)The damage dealt
cast_rodTriggered when casting a fishing line1
consumeTriggered on item consumption1
craftTriggered when crafting an item1
damage_itemTriggered when damaging an itemThe damage
deathTriggered on death from any sources1
enchant_itemTriggered when ehcnahting an itemThe xp cost
enchant_specialTriggered when enchanting an item with a special enchantment Requires EcoEnchantsThe xp cost
entity_item_dropTriggered when a killed entity drops loot1
fall_damageTriggered when taking fall damageThe damage taken
gain_hungerTriggered when gaining hunger pointsThe hunger gained
gain_pet_xpTriggered when gaining pet experience points Requires EcoPetsThe experience gained
gain_skill_xpTriggered when gaining skill experience points Requires EcoSkillsThe experience gained
gain_xpTriggered when gaining experience pointsThe xp gained
healTriggered when regaining healthThe health regained
item_breakTriggered when breaking any item in your inventory (durability)1
jumpTriggered when Jumping (pressing space)1
killTriggered when a player kills a player or entityThe victim's max health
kill_bossTriggered when killing a boss Requires EcoBossesThe bosses max health
level_up_petTriggered when levelling up a pet Requires EcoPetsThe new level
level_up_skillTriggered when levelling up Requires EcoSkillsThe new level
lose_hungerTriggered when losing hungerThe hunger lost
lose_potion_effectTriggered when losing a potion effect1
melee_attackTriggered when injuring an entity with a melee attackThe damage dealt
mine_blockTriggered when mining a block1
mine_block_progressTriggered when damaging a block1
moveTriggered on all movement: looking around, walkingThe distance moved
potion_effectTriggered when gaining a potion effect1
projectile_hitTriggered when hitting a block or an entity with a projectile (arrow, trident, splash potion, egg, snowball)1
projectile_launchTriggered when launching a projectile (arrow, trident, splash potion, egg, snowball)1
shield_blockTriggered when blocking an attack with a shieldThe damage blocked
spawn_bossTriggered when spawning a boss Requires EcoBosses1
static_%interval%Run every x ticks, eg static_20 would run every second1
swap_handsTriggered when swapping items in hands (F by default)1
swingTriggered when swining an item, hand or weapon Requires Paper1
take_damageTriggered when taking damage from any sourceThe damage taken
take_entity_damageTriggered when taking damage from an entity or playerThe damage taken
toggle_flightTriggered when chainging the flight state1
toggle_sneakTriggered when chainging the sneak state1
toggle_sprintTriggered when chainging the sprint state1
trident_attackTriggered on injuring an entity with a thrown tridentThe damage dealt
win_raidTriggered when a player wins a raidThe level of bad omen
jobs_level_upTriggered when levelling up a job Requires JobsThe new level