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How to configure Rewards

Default configs

The default reward config can be found here.

How to configure rewards

Each reward goes into the rewards.yml file. From here you reference each one in your crates using the ID of the reward.

Example Reward Config

  - id: 1000_coins
- "eco give %player% 1000"
items: [ ]
messages: [ ]
max-wins: -1
permission-multipliers: false
actual: 10
display: 25
name: "&a$1000"
item: paper 1 unbreaking:1 hide_enchants
dont-keep-lore: false
- "&fDisplay Chance: &a%chance%%"
- "&fActual Chance: &a%actual_chance%%"

Understanding all the sections

id: The ID of the reward, used to add the reward to a crate

commands: Commands to be ran when the reward is won - use %player% for the player-name

items: A list of items to be given to the player when the reward is won, read here for more info: Item Lookup System.

messages: The messages to be sent to the player when they win

max-wins: The max amount of times a given player can win the reward, perfect for single-use rewards like giving particle effects. Set to -1 to disable


permission-multipliers: If permission chance multipliers should apply to this reward

actual: The actual chance of winning the reward

display: The chance of the reward showing up in crate animations - this allows you to rig crates however you want, for example making a rare (or even unwinnable) item appear common, or vice versa. Both actual and display weight let you use PAPI placeholders to calculate them, for example %player_y%, if you want the chance to depend on a placeholder - very useful if you're basing it off of wins, ranks, or whatever - this supports mathematical expressions too, like when configuring an effect in my other plugins


name: The name of the reward

item: The item to be shown in animations and previews, read here for more info: Item Lookup System.

dont-keep-lore: (Optional) Set to true to only show custom lore.

lore: The lore of the item.

Internal Placeholders

%chance%The reward's display chance
%actual_chance%The reward's actual chance