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How to configure a reward

Example reward config:

  - id: 1000_coins
- "eco give %player% 1000"
items: [ ]
messages: [ ]
permission-multipliers: false
actual: 10
display: 25
max-wins: -1
name: "&a$1000"
item: paper 1 unbreaking:1 hide_enchants
dont-keep-lore: false # Optional, set to true to only show custom lore
- "&fDisplay Chance: &a%chance%%"
- "&fActual Chance: &a%actual_chance%%"

id: The ID of the reward, used to add the reward to a crate

commands: Commands to be ran when the reward is won - use %player% for the player-name

items: A list of items to be given to the player when the reward is won, supports custom items, enchants, and more - read about the syntax here:

The Item Lookup System

messages: The messages to be sent to the player when they win


  • permission-multipliers: If permission chance multipliers should apply to this reward
  • actual: The actual chance of winning the reward
  • display: The chance of the reward showing up in crate animations - this allows you to rig crates however you want, for example making a rare (or even unwinnable) item appear common, or vice versa. Both actual and display weight let you use PAPI placeholders to calculate them, for example %player_y%, if you want the chance to depend on a placeholder - very useful if you're basing it off of wins, ranks, or whatever - this supports mathematical expressions too, like when configuring an effect in my other plugins

max-wins: The max amount of times a given player can win the reward, perfect for single-use rewards like giving particle effects. Set to -1 to disable


  • name: The name of the reward
  • item: The item to be shown in animations and previews
  • lore: The lore of the item

Showing a reward in the preview GUI

In order to have the reward be shown in the preview GUI, you need to specify it like this in your crate config:

preview: # The preview GUI, when left-clicking a crate or using /crates preview
title: Demo Crate # The GUI title
rows: 6 # The amount of rows for the gui, between 1 and 6
mask: # Filler items for decoration
items: # Add as many items as you want
- gray_stained_glass_pane # Item 1
- black_stained_glass_pane # Item 2
- "222222222"
- "211010112"
- "201010102"
- "201010102"
- "201111102"
- "222222222"
rewards: # Where to put rewards in the GUI
- id: diamond_sword # The reward ID
row: 3 # The row
column: 2 # The column
- id: stack_of_emeralds
row: 4
column: 2
- id: bedrock
row: 3
column: 2
- id: 1000_coins
row: 5
column: 2