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Migrating/Converting from other crate plugins

Want to start using EcoCrates but do not have much time to convert all your configs from the old crate plugin? EcoCrates will kindly do that for you with a single command!

Supported plugins

  • CrateReloaded

    • Command: /ecocrates convert CrateReloaded

    • Requires CrateReloaded to be enabled as well!

  • CrazyCrates

    • Command: /ecocrates convert CrazyCrates

    • Requires CrazyCrates to be enabled as well!

  • ExcellentCrates (ex. GoldenCrates)

    • Command: /ecocrates convert ExcellentCrates

    • Requires ExcellentCrates to be enabled as well!

  • SpecializedCrates

    • Command: /ecocrates convert SpecializedCrates

    • Requires SpecializedCrates to be enabled as well!

Did not found your crates plugin in the list?

Feel free to request a converter for any crate plugin on our GitHub issues section