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Commands and Permissions

General Information

All crates commands can be either /crates, /crate, or /ecocrates

/crates set (Set a block to be a crate)

Permission: ecocrates.command.set

General Usage: /ecocrates set <crate>

Sets the block you're looking at to be a crate

/crates give (Gives a player a key)

Permission: ecocrates.command.give

General Usage: /ecocrates give <player> <crate> [virtual/physical] [amount]

For example, to give a player 5 virtual mythic keys, you would do /ecocrates give <player> mythic virtual 5

/crates giveall (Give all online players a key)

Permission: ecocrates.command.giveall

General Usage: /ecocrates giveall <crate> [virtual/physical] [amount]

For example, to give everyone 2 virtual ancient keys, you would do /ecocrates giveall ancient virtual 2

/crates take (Takes a key from a player)

Permission: ecocrates.command.take

General Usage: /ecocrates take <player> <crate> [virtual/physical] [amount]

For example, to take from a player 2 physical mythic keys, you would do /ecocrates take <player> mythic physical 2

/crate keys (View your keys)

Permission: ecocrates.command.keys

General usage: /crate keys

Opens the Key GUI

/crates preview (Open the preview for a crate)

Permission: ecocrates.command.preview

General usage: /crates preview <crate>

Opens the preview GUI for a given crate

/crates open (Opens a crate)


General usage: /crates open <crate>

Opens a crate virtually

You can open a crate for other people with /crates open <crate> [player] If you have the permission

/crates forceopen (Force-opens a crate)

Permission: ecocrates.command.forceopen

General usage: /crates forceopen <crate>

Opens a virtual crate, without requiring a key

You can open a crate for other people with /crates forceopen <crate> [player] If you have the permission ecocrates.command.forceopen.others

/crates resetwins (Resets the wins for a reward)

Permission: ecocrates.command.resetwins

General usage: /crates resetwins <player/all>

Resets the tracked wins for a player, mostly useful for debugging or redoing your crates, so the max-wins for a reward are then reset back to zero for that player.