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How to make a custom Talisman

Default config

The default configs can be found here:


How to add bosses

Talismans are each config files placed in the /talismans/ folder, and you can add or remove them as you please. There's an example config called _example.yml to help you out!

Example Talisman Config

- id: archery_2
name: "&eArchery Talisman II"
- "&8Deal 20% more damage with bows"
higherLevelOf: archery_1
item: "player_head texture:eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvMzgzODVhNWE0Njk4MjFiOGIzM2U0N2E1YjVjNDJhZWE1OTY2MzQ2NTQ2OTM4OGExYTRkNGU1MjNlNWE4ZGRkMiJ9fX0="
craftable: true
- talismans:archery_1
- talismans:archery_1
- talismans:archery_1

- talismans:archery_1
- ecoitems:talisman_core_2 ? heart_of_the_sea
- talismans:archery_1

- talismans:archery_1
- talismans:archery_1
- talismans:archery_1
- id: "damage_multiplier"
multiplier: 1.2
- bow_attack
conditions: []

Understanding all the sections

id: The id of the talisman

name: The display name of the talisman

description: The description of the talisman

higherLevelOf: If the talisman is a higher level of another talisman, specify it here - used if you set only the highest level talisman to activate

item: The item of the talisman. Allows for extensive options, click here for more

craftable: If the talisman should be craftable

recipe: The crafting recipe for the talisman.

conditions / effects: The core of the talisman is dictated by conditions and effects. Learn more here:

Configuring an Effect