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Commands and Permissions

/talismans give (Give a Talisman)

Permission: talismans.command.give

Usage: /talismans give <player> <talisman> <level>

/talismans bag (Open the talisman bag)

Permission: talismans.command.bag

Usage: /talismans bag <player>

Crafting Permissions

All talismans have an ID used by permissions and config files. This is the key, and looks like archery_1, strength_2, alchemy_3

The permission to allow crafting looks like this: talismans.fromtable.<key>

For example, the permission to craft Extraction Talisman III would look like this: talismans.fromtable.extraction_3

All talismans are allowed to be crafted by default, with the permission talismans.fromtable.*

Limit the amount of talismans for a player

If you only want a player to have x amount of talismans in use at once, then do talismans.limit.<amount>, eg talismans.limit.5 would allow 5 talismans to work at once.

The player can still have as many talismans in their inventory as they want, but they won't work after a certain number have been read.

Set the talisman bag size for a player

You can set the player's bag size with do talismans.bagsize.<size>, eg talismans.bagsize.8 would allow 8 talismans in the talisman bag. By default, players have a bag size of 54 (the limit)