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Commands and Permissions

/ecojobs unlock (Unlock a job)

Permission: ecojobs.command.unlock

Usage: /ecojobs unlock <player> <job>

/ecojobs reset (Reset a job)

Permission: ecojobs.command.reset

Usage: /ecojobs reset <player> <job>

/ecojobs givexp (Give xp to a job)

Permission: ecojobs.command.givexp

Usage: /ecojobs givexp <player> <job> <amount>

/jobs (Open the jobs menu)


/jobs join (Join a job)

Permission: ecojobs.command.join

Usage: /jobs join <job>

/jobs leave (Leave a job)

Permission: ecojobs.command.leave

Usage: /jobs leave

/ecojobs import (Import a job from lrcdb)

Permission: ecojobs.command.import

General Usage: /ecojobs import <id>

Find jobs on lrcdb

/ecojobs export (Export a job to lrcdb)

Permission: ecojobs.command.export

General Usage: /ecojobs export <id>


Sets the limit for the max amount of jobs the player can join at once