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Commands and Permissions

/ecobits reload (Reload the plugin)

Permission: ecobits.command.reload

/<currency> pay (Pay a player)


/<currency> balance (Get your balance)

Permission: ecobits.command.balance

/<currency> get (Get the balance of another player)

Permission: ecobits.command.get

/<currency> give (Give a currency)

Permission: ecobits.command.give

/<currency> givesilent (Give a currency silently)

Permission: ecobits.command.givesilent

/<currency> reset (Reset a player's balance)

Permission: ecobits.command.reset

/<currency> set (Set a player's balance)

Permission: ecobits.command.set

/<currency> take (Take a currency)

Permission: ecobits.command.take

/<currency> takesilent (Take a currency silently)

Permission: ecobits.command.takesilent