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How to make a Stat Tracker

Default configs

The default configs can be found here. You can find additional user-created configs on lrcdb.

How to add stat trackers

Each stat tracker is its own config file, placed in the /stats/ folder, and you can add or remove them as you please. There's an example config called _example.yml to help you out!

The ID of the Stat Tracker is the file name. This is what you use in commands and in the Item Lookup System. ID's must be lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores only.

Example Tracker Config

# The lore added to items with this tracker
display: "&bExample Tracker: %value%"

# The items that the tracker can be applied to, see targets.yml
- trident

# A counter takes a trigger, a multiplier, conditions, and filters.
# The 'multiplier' takes the value produced by the trigger and multiplies it
# Alternatively, you can use 'value' to count a specific number and not a multiplier
- trigger: trident_attack # See list of triggers:
multiplier: 1 # You can also use "value" here (see above comment)
conditions: # (Optional) Example of using conditions in counters
- id: in_water

# Options for the physical tracker item
item: compass # The item in-game:
name: "&eTracker - Damage Dealt" # The display name of the tracker
lore: # The item lore
- "&8Drop this onto an item with /stattrackers"
- "&8to display the amount of damage dealt with Tridents"
- "&8whilst in water"
craftable: true # If the tracker can be crafted
recipe: # The recipe, read here for more:
- iron_sword
- iron_sword
- iron_sword

- iron_sword
- compass
- iron_sword

- iron_sword
- iron_sword
- iron_sword

Understanding all the sections

display: The lore added once the tracker is applied

applicable-to: The items that the tracker can be applied to, see targets.yml

counters: The trigger, multiplier/value, conditions and filters to be tracked

Tracker Item

item: The base item, read here for more: Item Lookup System.

name: The item name in-game.

lore: The item lore shown in-game. Set to lore: [] to remove all lore lines.

craftable: If the item should be craftable (true/false).

recipe: The recipe, read here for more info: Crafting Recipes