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How to make a Stat


Stats are the base values that lie at the core of EcoSkills. Think of them like attributes in vanilla, but they're shown to the player.

Default configs

The default configs can be found here. You can find additional user-created configs on lrcdb.

Default Stats

DefenseReduces Incoming Damage
StrengthIncreases Outgoing Damage
Crit ChanceIncreases the chance to deal a crit
Crit DamageIncreases crit damage
SpeedIncreases movement speed
WisdomIncreases experience gained (and max mana if using)
HealthIncreases max health
FerocityChance to hit twice
Attack SpeedIncreases your attack speed

How to add skills

Each stat is its own config file, placed in the /stats/ folder, and you can add or remove them as you please. There's an example config called _example.yml to help you out!

The ID of the Stat is the file name. This is what you use in commands, effects and placeholders. ID's must be lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores only.

Example Stat Config

name: "&#f5aa42🍖 Saturation" # The name of the stat, shown to players
placeholder: "%level% / 3" # The placeholder to be shown in the description, you can use expressions - eg %level% * 2
description: "&8Lose &a%placeholder%%&8 less hunger" # The description to be shown in lore and messages

# Options for the stat in the GUI
enabled: false # (Optional) If the stat should show up in the GUI
icon: player_head texture:"eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvZDMzZGRiOTJjYjZiM2E3OTI4MGI4YmRjZWQ4OTc2YWVhYjEzYTRiZmZlYWVmMmQ0NmQ4MjhiZDkxZGVlMGYzZSJ9fX0="
row: 5
column: 5

# The effects of the stat (i.e. the functionality)
# See here:
# Use %level% as a placeholder for the stat level
- id: hunger_multiplier
multiplier: "1 - (%level% / 300)"

# The conditions required for the effects to activate,
# you can use %level% as a placeholder here too
conditions: [ ]

Understanding all the sections

name: The name of the stat in-game.

placeholder: The placeholder to be shown in the description.

description: The description of the stat.


enabled: If the stat should show in /stats. icon: The item to show in /stats, read here for more: Item Lookup System. position: The location of the icon in /stats, using row and column numbers.

Effects & Conditions

You can configure effects, conditions, filters, and mutators in this section to run whilst this stat is levelled and active.

Check out Configuring an Effect to understand how to configure this section correctly.

For more advanced users or setups, you can configure chains in this section to string together different effects under one trigger. Check out Configuring an Effect Chain for more info.

Internal Placeholders

%level%The player's stat level. Useful for creating scaling effects
%level_numeral%The player's skill level shown in Roman Numerals