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Commands and Permissions

/ecopets give (Give a pet)

Permission: ecopets.command.give

Usage: /ecopets give <player> <pet>

/ecopets giveegg (Give a pet egg)

Permission: ecopets.command.give

Usage: /ecopets giveegg <player> <pet>

/ecopets reset (Reset a pet)

Permission: ecopets.command.reset

Usage: /ecopets reset <player> <pet>

/ecopets givexp (Give xp to a pet)

Permission: ecopets.command.givexp

Usage: /ecopets givexp <player> <pet> <amount>

/pets (Open the pets menu)

Permission: ecopets.command.pets

/pets activate (Activate a pet)

Permission: ecopets.command.activate

Usage: /pets activate <pet>

/pets deactivate (Deactivate a pet)

Permission: ecopets.command.deactivate

Usage: /pets deactivate

/ecopets import (Import a pet from lrcdb)

Permission: ecopets.command.import

General Usage: /ecopets import <id>

Find pets on lrcdb

/ecopets export (Export a pet to lrcdb)

Permission: ecopets.command.export

General Usage: /ecopets export <id>

XP multiplier permission

Permission: ecopets.xpmultiplier.<%increase>

General Usage: ecopets.xpmultiplier.200 would give 200% more skill XP (3x) to anyone with the permission. The backend math is 1 + (<%increase> / 100) so

Permission: ecopets.xpmultiplier.50percent Permission: ecopets.xpmultiplier.doublePermission:ecopets.xpmultiplier.triplePermission:ecopets.xpmultiplier.quadruple`

General Usage: ecopets.xpmultiplier.50percent would give 50% more skill XP (1.5x)