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The Entity Lookup System

What is the Entity Lookup System?

Much like how the item lookup system allows for specifying many options for ItemStacks in a simple, user-friendly string, the entity lookup system is designed to do the same for entities.

Keys Explained

In each string is the key for an entity. A key looks one of two ways:

  • A vanilla minecraft entity: (eg husk)
  • An entity from another plugin: (eg ecomobs:tarantula)

You may also have noticed the ? in some of the keys. This means 'try to use the first entity, but if it doesn't exist, use the second entity' You can chain these together, but they're actually only useful for me to provide integrations in default configs without breaking things for people who don't use all my plugins together.

You can also use || . This means 'spawn the first entity, or the second entity'. These can also be chained together: in tests, this means any of the entities can pass, and in specifying the types of entities, this means that a random entity out of the options will be spawned on each call.


Entities can have modifiers applied to them in the key. For example, lets say you're configuring a mob in EcoMobs. You want it to be a massive slime, a baby zombie, or a charged creeper, but you're not sure how to do that, because it looks like you have to just specify an entity type. Actually, in all of my plugins, wherever it asks for an entity, it's actually doing a lookup. You can specify any of the following modifiers to it:

  • adult Force the entity to be an adult
  • attack-damage Set the entities attack damage
  • attack-speed Set the entities attack speed
  • baby Force the entity to be a baby
  • charged Set a creeper to be charged
  • explosion-radius Set a creepers explosion radius
  • fly-speed Set the entities fly speed
  • follow-range Set the entities follow range
  • health Set the entities health
  • jump-strength Set a horses jump strength
  • knockback Set the entities attack knockback
  • knockback-resistance Set the entities knockback resistance
  • name Set the entities display name, use quotes (") for multi-word names
  • no-ai Set the entity to have no AI
  • size Set the size of a slime or phantom
  • spawn-reinforcements Set a zombie to spawn reinforcements
  • speed Set the movement speed of the entity
  • silent Set the entity to make no sound
  • head Set the helmet item
  • chest Set the chestplate
  • legs Set the leggings
  • feet Set the boots
  • hand Set the held item
  • off_hand Set the held item in the offhand
  • model-engine Set the Model Engine ID and animation (for ID do model-engine:id, for ID and animation do model-engine:id,animation)

You simply chain the modifiers together, for example: phantom size:5 follow-range:25 speed:2 health:200 name:"&4Deadly Phantom" model-engine:dragon,flap