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How to make a custom action

Default config

The default configs can be found here:


How to add actions

Actions are each config files placed in the /actions/ folder, and you can add or remove them as you please. There's an example config called _example.yml to help you out!

Typical Action Config

# If the action should be enabled
enabled: true

# Read
# The effects for the action
- id: give_money
amount: "0.25 * %victim_level%"
- kill
- player

# Read
# The conditions for the action to work
conditions: [ ]

Effects + Conditions

Effects are the actual functionality of the action, and conditions are requirements that a player must meet for the action to activate for them - so you can make it so an action only works for a certain type of player, ie only players that have above a certain amount of playtime, or those that only have below a certain balance.

See this page for how to configure effects:

Configuring an Effect