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How to configure a condition

Like effects, mutators, and entity goals, conditions consist of an ID and arguments.

Example Condition Config

- id: has_permission
permission: "ecomc.rank.mvp" # The required permission
inverse: true # If the player should *not* have the permission

As shown in the above example, all conditions additionally have an inverse argument, like this:

- id: on_fire
inverse: true

This will negate the condition, i.e. only be true when the base condition is false.

If this condition is for a plugin for items (EcoEnchants, EcoItems, Reforges, Talismans, and EcoArmor) you can also add lore lines to be shown to the player if they don't meet the condition, like this:

- id: has_permission
permission: "ecomc.rank.mvp"
- "&cYou need &bMVP&c rank to use &7Crystal Finder"
- "&cBuy it at &"