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What are effects?

The effects for alchemy by default

Effects are the special abilities given to a player. They are levelled up by levelling skills.

All Effects

Bountiful HarvestIncreases chance to get extra drops from farming
Versatile ToolsIncreases damage dealt by pickaxes
Eye of the DepthsIncreases chance to get rare loot from fishing
Serrated StrikesIncreases chance to cause your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedly
Seamless MovementIncreases chance to ignore fall damage
PotionmasterBrewed potions last longer
ShamanismIncreases the speed at which you regain helath
CraftsmanshipTake less durability damage on axes
Second ChanceChance to instantly fix items on low durability
Efficient BrewingDecreases the time taken to brew potions
Mystic ResilienceIncreases the chance to ignore negative potion effects
SatiationDecreases the rate at which you lose hunger
Golden YieldIncreases the chance to get 5x drops from farming
DodgingIncreases chance to ignore incoming damage
Accelerated EscapeGo faster after taking damage
BraveryTake less damage from bosses
Infernal ResistanceChance to ignore fire damage
DazzleChance to give your opponent nausea
Strong ImpactSmall chance to deal 3x damage
EndangeringChance to remove your opponents invulnerability frame
SpelunkingChance to get extra drops from ores
Dynamic MIningChance to get a short burst of Haste III while mining
ReimbursementChance to get given back xp levels after enchanting an item
OvercompensationChance to get given back lapis after enchanting
Magnetic RodIncreases fishing speed
Master LumberjackIncreases chance to get extra drops from trees