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Enchantment Configuration

Example Config

# Aquatic EcoEnchant

name: "Aquatic"
description: Trident deals additional damage when shot from water.
enabled: true

table: true
villager: true
loot: true
rarity: rare

- trident
grindstoneable: true
conflicts: []
maximum-level: 8

multiplier: 0.05 # 1 + (Level * Multiplier) is multiplied with the damage


The name of the enchantment is how it will show up on items. You can edit this, reload configs, and items with this enchantment will automatically update.


The same goes for descriptions. Descriptions are automatically line-wrapped as well, so don't worry about them being too long.


Obtaining is slightly more complex. It works as follows:

TableWhether the enchantment should be available from enchanting tables at all. Overrides permissions if disabled.
VillagerWhether the enchantment should be available as a trade from villagers.
LootWhether the enchantment should be available from loot chests
RarityThe rarity of the enchantment. Must be from a group specified in rarity.yml


If you want to disable an enchantment completely, and have it automatically be removed from all items that have it, simply set enabled to false.

General Config

General config is config that applies to the enchantment itself rather than the function it performs.

It works as follows:

GrindstoneableWhether the enchantment should be removable in a grindstone.
ConflictsThe key names of enchantments that it should conflict with.
Maximum LevelThe maximum obtainable level of this enchantment. Some configs do not have this, meaning they only have one level.
TargetsThe items that the enchantment can be applied to. Specified in targets.yml


Config modifies how the enchantment works in gameplay.

Here, it is quite simple: multiplier is how much more damage will be dealt