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How to make a custom boss

Default config

The default configs can be found here:


How to add bosses

Bosses are each config files placed in the /bosses/ folder, and you can add or remove them as you please. There's an example config called _example.yml to help you out!

Example Boss Config

# A base mob and modifiers
# View an explanation for this system here:
mob: iron_golem attack-damage:90 movement-speed:1.5 follow-range:16 health:1200

# If you're using model engine, you can specify the ID and animation here. You can also specify these in the mob with the lookup system.
model-engine-id: ""
model-engine-animation: ""

# Supported placeholders: %health%, %time% (formats as minutes:seconds, eg 1:56)
display-name: "&8Steel Golem &7| &c%health%♥ &7| &e%time%"

influence: 40 # The distance at which effects will be applied to players

custom-ai: # Custom mob AI using the entity goal system.
enabled: false # If custom AI should be enabled, this will override the vanilla mob behaviour.
target-goals: [ ] # How the boss decides who to attack, if the target mode isn't being used.
ai-goals: [ ] # How the boss should behave.

effects: # Effects are done from the player's perspective: to treat the player as the victim, use the self_as_victim option in args
- id: run_chain
chain: blind
self_as_victim: true
chance: 20
- static_20

conditions: [ ] # Conditions to apply effects to players; useful if you don't want to affect low-level players

lifespan: 120 # The lifespan of the boss before it despawns, in seconds. Set to a massive number to disable.

prevent-mounts: true # If the boss shouldn't be able to get into boats, minecarts, etc
explosion-immune: true # If the boss should be immune to explosions
fire-immune: true # If the boss should be immune to fire damage
drowning-immune: true # If the boss should be immune to drowning damage
suffocation-immune: true # If the boss should be immune to suffocation

melee-damage-multiplier: 0.8 # Incoming melee damage will be multiplied by this value. Set to 0 to render immune against melee
projectile-damage-multiplier: 0.2 # Same as melee multiplier, but for projectiles

teleportation: # Teleport every x ticks in order to avoid being caged in obsidian or similar
enabled: true # If the boss should teleport
interval: 100 # Ticks between teleportation attempts
range: 20 # The range that the boss should check for safe teleportation blocks.

xp: # Experience will be randomly generated between these values
minimum: 30000
maximum: 60000

# You can specify as many ranks as you want (adding 4, 5, etc)
# You can use %player% as a placeholder for the player name
- chance: 100 # As a percentage
- eco give %player% 10000
2: [ ]
3: [ ]

# Commands to be executed for all players near the boss death location
radius: 10
# Uses the same syntax as top damager commands (chance and a list of commands, can use %player%)
commands: [ ]

# You can specify as many drops as you want, and group several drops together under one chance
- chance: 100
- diamond_sword unbreaking:1 name:"Example Sword"

# How the boss should choose which player to attack, choices are:
# highest_health, lowest_health, closest, random
mode: highest_health
# The distance to scan for players
range: 40

# If the boss should have a boss bar
enabled: true
color: white # Options: blue, green, pink, purple, red, white, yellow
style: progress # Options: progress, notched_20, notched_12, notched_10, notched_6
radius: 120 # The distance from the boss where the boss bar is visible

# A list of conditions required for a player to be able to spawn a boss, useful to set
# minimum skill levels, etc
conditions: [ ]
# Spawn the boss automatically every x ticks. Picks a random location, but will only
# ever spawn in a world if there are no other bosses of that type in the world.
interval: -1 # The interval in ticks, set to -1 to disable
locations: # Add as many locations as you want
- world: world
x: 100
y: 100
z: 100
enabled: false # A spawn totem is a set of 3 blocks on top of each other to spawn a boss (like a snow golem)
top: netherite_block
middle: iron_block
bottom: magma_block
not-in-worlds: [ ] # If spawn totems should be disallowed in certain worlds, specify them here
enabled: true # If the boss should have a spawn egg
item: evoker_spawn_egg unbreaking:1 hide_enchants
name: "&8Steel Golem&f Spawn Egg"
- ""
- "&8&oPlace on the ground to"
- "&8&osummon a &8Steel Golem"
craftable: true
- iron_block
- netherite_block
- iron_block
- air
- ecoitems:boss_core ? nether_star
- air
- iron_block
- netherite_block
- iron_block

# For each category, you can add as many commands as you want, which will be executed by
# console. Supported placeholders are the same as for messages (see below)
spawn: [ ]
kill: [ ]
despawn: [ ]
injure: [ ]

# For each category, you can add as many messages as you want, each with their own radius.
# Radius is the distance from the boss where the player will be sent the message
# Set to -1 to broadcast globally to all players online

# Supported placeholders: %x%, %y%, %z% (coordinates)
- message:
- ""
- "&fA &8&lSteel Golem&r&f has been spawned!"
- "&fCome fight it at &8%x%&f, &8%y%&f, &8%z%&f!"
- ""
radius: -1

# Supported placeholders: %damage_<x>_player%, %damage_<X>%
# You can include as many ranks as you want - if there is no player at a certain rank,
# it will be replaced with N/A (change in lang.yml)
- message:
- ""
- "&fThe &8&lSteel Golem&r&f has been killed!"
- "&fMost Damage:"
- "&f - &8%damage_1_player%&f (%damage_1% Damage)"
- "&f - &8%damage_2_player%&f (%damage_2% Damage)"
- "&f - &8%damage_3_player%&f (%damage_3% Damage)"
- ""
radius: -1
- message:
- ""
- "&fYou ran out of time to kill the &8&lSteel Golem&r&f!"
- ""
radius: -1
injure: [ ]

# All sounds will be played together at the same time
# A list of sounds can be found here:
# Volume functions as the distance at which the sound will be heard
# Pitch is any value between 0.5 and 2
# If you don't want the vanilla mob sounds, add 'silent' as an option to the mob
- sound: entity_iron_golem_death
pitch: 0.8
volume: 100
- sound: entity_iron_golem_hurt
pitch: 0.5
volume: 100
- sound: entity_ender_dragon_growl
pitch: 0.5
volume: 100
- sound: entity_ender_dragon_death
pitch: 1.8
volume: 100
- sound: entity_wither_death
pitch: 1.2
volume: 100
- sound: entity_ender_dragon_ambient
pitch: 0.5
volume: 50
- sound: entity_enderman_death
pitch: 0.5
volume: 50
- sound: entity_iron_golem_damage
pitch: 0.7
volume: 10

Effects, Conditions, and Influence

The functionality of a boss is dictated by the effects it has. Effects are applied to all players within a distance of the boss - specify the distance by setting the influence value. Effects will only be applied to players if they meet all the conditions, which is helpful if you don't want low-level players to be affected by boss fights.

See this page for how to configure effects:

Configuring an Effect

Because effects are applied to players, and assuming you want to negatively affect players near a boss, you will want to set self_as_victim: true under args: in the effects, which will mark the player as the victim, useful in order to damage nearby players, strike them with lightning, give them potion effects, et cetera.

Custom AI goals

Check how to configure custom entity AI here:

Custom Entity AI